Transport your business into the 21st century with the help of video communication

“People prefer to communicate more effectively with people.” That’s why our video solutions are used wherever people play a decisive role: In training and certification, informing and visualizing, as well as consulting and selling. The video service platform is based on open standards and offers added value for every industry.

Do you want to reduce travel costs, increase productivity and foster stronger, connected relationships between colleagues, customers and suppliers, or provide targeted, face-to-face training to your employees? Then this technology is a great tool for you. Digital – but still personal.

BBG Solutions GmbH

Live Video Consulting

With live video communication, consulting and sales can be carried out online in personal customer contact. The customer receives a multimedia consulting experience and can be informed individually. This form of B2B or B2C communication sustainably improves the company’s interaction with third parties and new customer segments can be generated.

The market launch of products and services can be accelerated globally with increased quality standards. It is a white label solution and is characterized by end-to-end encryption, which is audit-proof under data protection law. The software does not require installation at the end user and is suitable for all device classes.

Live Video Streaming

Present your new product or service virtually and in high quality – live or on-demand – to any number of viewers.

Products and services can be visualized for any number of viewers. Whether an internal message from management to employees or information regarding a new product is to be presented virtually – live or on-demand – we enable you to do so in the highest quality around the globe.

BBG Solutions GmbH
BBG Solutions GmbH

Online Podium

“Podium” is an open webinar and event platform that engages potential customers or viewers in no time using best-in-class video conferencing technology.

Interaction between viewers and speakers can be encouraged with straightforward features such as live polling, statistics, a document-based whiteboard or role-based document sharing.

It allows, regardless of the size of the event, an easy and intuitive execution. This allows you to focus entirely on your competencies and engage your customers even better.

Virtual Reception

Instead of closing branches, autonomous and hybrid branches and receptions are newly opened: The management of the sensor-controlled branches / receptions is carried out by the Branch Manager, which makes it possible to proactively manage many branches with few consultants and to be on-site for the customer.

In order to be able to guarantee the permanent quality of the advice, this concierge solution includes a so-called process engine, which logically links the application with the processes to be executed. This optimizes company-wide resources.

BBG Solutions GmbH
BBG Solutions GmbH

Online Academy

Legal requirements, new products or a changed corporate strategy – employees often need to be trained and educated.

However, standard training courses are often tedious and time-consuming and costly.

With the help of our software solution, we enable you to sustainably train and certify employees and partners with moving image content. Virtual, video-based training and education are innovative and efficient!