Generate Efficient Output by Optimizing Your Processes

A process is a sequence of actions controlled by a clear structure. Its fuel is data and documents, which make these actions possible in the first place. Your company is also full of processes – do you use your resources efficiently?

The use of business process optimization improves performance at lower costs and increases customer satisfaction. This improves the competitiveness of your company in the market.

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Process Analysis
Workflow – Engine
BBG Solutions GmbH

Process Analysis

For us, the isolated consideration of function-oriented, one-sided optimization measures must be replaced by holistic design approaches.

With our solution, we can fully understand, map and manage your organization wide processes.

By visualizing the processes, using a detailed illustration, dynamic state changes can easily be recognized in their mutual effects on the organization of your company.

You can also use our integrated analysis tool to monitor the performance of your workflows, identify data-driven trends and optimize your business processes.

The process orientation in the organization should overcome the division of labor and lead to an overall optimum of value creation.

Increase internal company collaboration, increase transparency and accountability and smooth your processes – everything within one user-friendly platform.

Workflow – Engine

The visualized processes show you and your employees the relevant internal and external relationships with the respective targets and performance measurement criteria’s.

Our workflow solutions offers added value in many areas of your business.

With the help of a workflow engine, sources of error are minimized, media breaks are eliminated, throughput times are decreased, and process costs are reduced.

Whether it is absence management, employee entry or procurement requests, this user friendly workflow engine helps your employees get to their destination faster and more securely.

Each individual action can be adapted to your needs and new functions can be tested immediately.

For example, make sure that customer questions are no longer left unanswered when the recipient is out of the office.

In this case, our software solution triggers a process and forwards the request immediately.

This way you increase efficiency, always retain full control and you are even closer to your customers.

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