The right applications to process your data

We process your data meaningfully and logically with the right applications. Data quality and data integration play a key role in a wide range of applications in the most important business areas. They contribute significantly to the design of business processes and serve as the basis for sound business decisions.

Wherever you increase data quality and facilitate data integration – optimize data management – you will immediately feel the positive impact on productivity, efficiency and flexibility.

BBG Solutions GmbH


Procurement processes in companies often offer a high optimization potential. Purchasing should be cost-effective – but: often there are many small processes within procurement management that cause problems. In addition, there are usually still paper-based processes. Intransparency obscures the procurement process, and many other phenomena only emerge, such as so-called “maverick buying”.

Our software is compatible with all common SAP and non-SAP systems.

With our solution all the obstacles we have outlined are a thing of the past.

Human Resources

Add-on products simplify administrative processes and routine activities, freeing up your HR management staff to offer high-quality HR services.

Existing gaps in the automation of HR processes for HR management, employees and managers are thus effectively filled. This allows you to maximize your potential and make HR management even more efficient and effective.

BBG Solutions GmbH
BBG Solutions GmbH


In a central regulatory framework, company-wide guidelines and regulations are documented verifiably with the help of our solution.

With topic-based filing and targeted communication of all guidelines, you install a tool for preventing rule violations and have the option of structuring topic areas and documenting responsibilities.

In addition to policy management, task and risk management can also be quickly and easily adapted to your company-specific requirements.

Data Protection

Control your data protection management with our software solution for strategic data security. Compliance with standards is systematically monitored, analysed and optimised through the targeted implementation of measures. Security gaps are identified and evaluated, and data protection processes are monitored and documented.

Our software solution can be quickly and easily adapted to your company-specific requirements and processes.

BBG Solutions GmbH
BBG Solutions GmbH

Digital Platform

Digital platforms or dashboards are the ultimate tool for managing data.

We build a platform in form of an application on which we can completely restructure your data based on your requirements. Whether it’s setting up a mobile workstation or analyzing data, this SaaS or On Premise based solution can be customized and expanded to fit your needs. The IT is linked to the business and thus enables a fast and efficient implementation of innovative and digital ideas.