Our Key Competencies

With our established products as well as competent experts, we develop suitable solutions for you and accompany you from the planning to the final implementation with a tailor-made concept, which is adapted to your individual needs.

Agile Process Platform

The use of business process optimization improves the company’s performance at lower costs and increases customer satisfaction. In this way, you strengthen the competitiveness of your company in the market.

A process is a sequence of actions, ideally controlled by a clear structure. Its fuel is data and documents that make these actions possible in the first place. Your company is also full of processes – are you using the resources efficiently?

Data Management

We process your data meaningfully and logically with the right applications. Data quality and data integration play a key role in a wide range of applications in the most important business areas. They contribute significantly to the design of business processes and serve as the basis for sound business decisions.

Wherever you increase data quality and facilitate data integration – optimize data management – you will immediately feel the positive impact on productivity, efficiency and flexibility.

Document Management

Our document management solutions are mobile-enabled, powerful, flexible and scalable ECM solutions, making them the ideal document management solution for large enterprises, mid-sized businesses and small businesses.

We offer DMS software that turns your corporate information and digital archiving into a business resource. Become faster and more efficient – with more process security.

Video Communication

“People prefer to communicate more effectively with people.” That’s why our video solutions are used wherever people play a decisive role: In training and certification, informing and visualizing, as well as consulting and selling. The video service platform is based on open standards and offers added value for every industry.

Do you want to reduce travel costs, increase productivity and foster stronger, connected relationships between colleagues, customers and suppliers, or provide targeted, face-to-face training to your employees? Then this technology is a great tool for you. Digital – but still personal.