Our Consulting Expertise

Through our expertise, we are able to work with you to find the right answers for your company and put them into practice. In this way, we make a significant contribution to increasing efficiency and effectiveness in the value chain of our customers.

BBG Solutions GmbH

Project- and Change Management

BBG-Solutions offers professional consulting services in the field of project and change management to support companies in the successful implementation of changes and projects. Their team of experts brings many years of experience and proven methods to develop customised software solutions and ensure that the desired goals are achieved efficiently. With a holistic approach, BBG-Solutions creates sustainable change and optimises project processes for long-term success.

Agile Process Management

We offer comprehensive expertise and sound consulting from all angles to fully map, analyze and optimize your enterprise-wide processes.

Agile process management includes the creation and optimization of state-of-the-art process landscapes and the implementation of state-of-the-art process management. We anchor the necessary culture with the acting persons and thus link process optimization with digitalization and the working world 4.0.

We are specialized in creating a paperless workplace and support you with our experience to exploit all existing savings potentials.

BBG Solutions GmbH
BBG Solutions GmbH

Digital Transformation

For the growth of a company, it is essential to develop new products, business models and services in order to conquer new markets.

Digitization in the company links people with technology. Tailored to your needs, the right tools and products save an enormous amount of time and investment throughout the company.

Together we design your company future-oriented with regard to the company itself, its strategy and possibilities.

Training & Coaching

The basic structure of any company consists of its employees. Especially, in an environment that is subject to change, staff is often unable to keep pace. Because of these circumstances, we offer you individually coordinated training courses and coaching’s, carried out by our experts in various areas. We help you to lead and accompany your employees in this transformation process and promote them accordingly to their maximum potential.

BBG Solutions GmbH